Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thinking about next year, part 2

I generally don't have to purchase much in the way of curriculum for Violet. We just reuse the same books that I used with Jessie, but I modify them as needed to make sure that Violet comprehends the program. Rather than needing a list to purchase, I'll just use this list to verify that I have all of the books in my boxes that I think I do.

2nd Grade for Violet

Complete Singapore 2A Text
Complete Singapore 2A Workbook
Complete Singapore 2A Intensive Practice
Singapore 2B Text
Singapore 2B Workbook
Singapore 2B Intensive Practice
Singapore Challenging Word Problems 2
If we get to them we might do a unit or 2 in the 3A Text, Workbook, and Intensive Practice
Miquon Green
Miquon Yellow (first half)

Language Arts

Complete Spelling Workout D
Spelling Workout E ( may use all or part)

Try using FLL as reference for one year grammar intro
(***Note to self: need to plan this***)

Handwriting paper for copywork (need to take and get spiral bound again)

Library books some combined with Jessie some separate perhaps

Foreign Language:
Would like to start some Spanish next year. Not sure whether to combine with Jessie or not. I'll need to do some research here.

History / Science / Art / Music
All of these would be combined with Jessie. Most still need to be decided at this point.

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