Monday, January 7, 2008

Catching up on planning

Before I plan anymore for next year (aka while I'm looking for used curriculum), I know that I still need to finish planning for this year. My current to do list:

State booklets for Minnesota to Wyoming still need to be printed and assembled.
Determine how big the lapbook bases need to be and assemble.

Currently prereading books up through topic 31 on Daniel Boone.
Preread and choose books for topics 32 to 51.
Schedule books from topics 17-51.
Choose and print timeline figures and booklet figures for this week through the end of the year.
Plan out and print map work for remainder of the year.

Read from chapter 4 to the end taking notes.
Create booklets for chapters 4 to end.
Print booklets for lessons 2 to the end.

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