Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Evaluating where we are, part 2

I know I have to make some adjustments for Violet's work since we took time to go back and review an entire section of math. Here is her year at a glance schedule.

My goal for Violet's Primary math is to finish the first four sections of 2A. Section 5 and 6 deal with multiplication so these could make a good starting point next year. That would take us through assignment #158 which could be completed by mid April leaving a couple of weeks of leeway if we need to spend extra time on the second unit which includes vertical addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing. The only downside would be having her finish three weeks earlier than Jessie, but we'll can fill the time in with math drill or skip counting instead. Spelling and critical thinking should also be finished by mid April. That would just leave the combined subjects of history, geography, and science again.
Well I guess it looks good so far. Now I can concentrate on my own planning to do list and figuring out how to turn my office into a baby's room. (I have no idea where to put some of the stuff in here, especially my large desk)

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