Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Literature for Violet's 7th Grade

Here is a preliminary list of literature for Violet's 7th Grade year. I tried to alternate shorter easier works with longer harder one and cover the basics of ancient literature as well.

  • The Yearling by Rawlings
  • The Lost World by Doyle
  • White Fang by London
  • The Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien
  • Age of the Fable by Bulfinch
  • Black Ships Before Troy by Sutcliffe
  • The Wanderings of Odysseus by Sutcliffe
  • The Two Towers by Tolkien
  • The Call of the Wild by London
  • The Return of the King by Tolkien
  • Archimedes and the Door of Science by Bendick
  • Watership Down by Adams
  • In Search of a Homeland by Lively
  • Julius Caesar by Shakespeare
  • The Bronze Bow by Speare
  • Antony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare
  • The Eagle of the Ninth by Sutcliffe

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Literature / Read-Aloud List for Benny's 4th Grade

I've been hard at work trying to get ready for the upcoming school year.  I have most of Benny's lessons scheduled, but I still need to get together history and science supplies, maps, notebook pages, etc.  Here is my preliminary list for Benny's literature.

Independent Reading to be narrated
  •  Henry Huggins by Cleary
  •  Rabbit Hill by Lawson
  •  My Side of the Mountain by George
  •  Lad: A Dog by Terhume
  •  The Twenty-One Balloons by DuBois
  •  Gentle Ben by Morey
  •  The Odyssey by Osbourne
  • The Island Stallion by Farley
  •  My Friend Flicka by O'Hara
  • Detectives in Togas by Winterfield
  • Mystery of the Roman Ransom by Winterfield
  • Thieves of Ostia by Lawrence
Read-Alouds with me
  •  The Story of the Treasure Seekers by Nesbit
  • The Golden Goblet by McGraw
  •  Mr. Bliss by Tolkien
  • The Golden Fleece and the Heroes That Lived Before Achilles by Colum
  • The Children's Homer by Colum
  • The Golden Key by MacDonald
  • Archimedes and the Door of Science by Bendick
  • Vinegar Boy by Hawse
  • Freckles by Porter
  • Swiss Family Robinson by Wyss

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Art for Benny's 4th Grade

For Benny's art next year, I went web surfing back to my favorite blog for art ideas.  I chose a mixture of watercolor, oil pastel, and crayon or colored pencil.  Since we are also covering ancient history this year, I added in a few of the more simple drawings from the two corresponding Draw and Write books by Gressman.  Benny is too much of a perfectionist to tackle many of these projects for now.

Week 1 - Cupcake Painting
Week 2 - Paul Klee castle drawing
Week 3 - How to Draw a Seahorse
Week 4 - Draw and Write pyramid (Draw and Write Through History: Creation Through Jonah by Gressman)
Week 5 - Draw and Write sphinx (Draw and Write Through History: Creation Through Jonah by Gressman)
Week 6 - Watercolor Landscape Week 7 - Tiger Drawing
Week 8 - How to Draw a Country Barn
Week 9 - Layered Apple Basket
Week 10 - Cartoon fish
Week 11 - Cat in Pumpkin Painting
Week 12 - How to Draw King Tut
Week 13 - Draw and Write Phoenician ship (Draw and Write Through History: Creation Through Jonah by Gressman)
Week 14 - How to Draw a Flamingo
Week 15 - How to Draw A Turkey Tutorial
Week 16 - Mushroom painting
Week 17 - Draw and Write Trojan horse (Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome by Gressman)

Week 18 - How to Draw a Santa Stamp
Week 19 - Bird in a Cage watercolor tutorial
Week 20 - Draw and Write Parthenon (Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome by Gressman)

Week 21 - Close Cropped Snowman
Week 22 - Draw and Write pharos lighthouse (Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome by Gressman)

Week 23 - Little Birdy Snowman
Week 24 - Draw a winter town
Week 25 - How to Draw Symmetrical Valentine Birds
Week 26 - How to Draw an Elephant
Week 27 - How to Draw an Airplane
Week 28 - Watercolor Dragonfly
Week 29 - How to Draw a Rooster
Week 30 - Watercolor Fishbowl
Week 31 - Toucan Drawing
Week 32 - Bumblebee Painting
Week 33 - Spring Landscape
Week 34 - Mother's Day Giraffe Painting
Week 35 - How to Draw a Pug
Week 36 - Sailboat on a Lake