Monday, January 14, 2008

Evaluating where we are, part 1

Now that we've finished over half of our year (and I'm already looking forward to spring), it seemed like a good time to evaluate how much we have accomplished so far and how much we have left. My goal for school is to have the bulk of the work done sometime in April. (Once the weather warms up it is impossible to focus my kids on an entire morning of school.) I would also like to have math done before the baby comes in mid-May. Here is an updated look at Jessie's Year at a Glance.

We have 16 weeks left before the baby (assuming it comes within a day or so of my due date like the other three). I usually set aside one week in March around the girls birthdays for testing which leaves 15 weeks to work. Math is over by 7 lessons. We can probably combine that many especially in the word problems book. Spelling should be done around the beginning of April. Grammar is running 3 lessons over. We can switch it to 5 days a week once spelling is done and be finished in April. CW Aesop is on track to finish in April as is Prima Latina. Critical thinking can be condensed a bit to finish mid April. That leaves history, geography, and science which will probably go into the summer. If we continue to alternate them, that would give the kids at most an hour of "school time" a day. (This is actually good for my family since 2 of my 3 kids enjoy having some structure to their day.) Since all 3 of these subjects incorporate lapbooks that makes them a bit more Mom-intensive; however, if I can finish planning and printing the geography and science booklets before May, then it should be doable. (Well maybe I should try printing all the timeline figures and maps for history also to make sure I have enough time to plan in June.)

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