Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 39: A little bit of work but a lot more relaxing

We haven't officially started our summer work yet. I've been taking a mental break from planning. Instead I've been looking back through my notes and trying to organize my list of items to purchase or look at during the upcoming convention. Jessie decided to check out the entire Harry Potter series last weekend and is currently on book 6 for the second time through. Violet has been entertaining herself with various crafts, while Benny spends as much time outside as possible. Henry has been allowed to entertain himself until he gets in trouble at which point I assign someone to play with him for a bit.


Violet is closing in on the end of the 3B books. This week she finished the unit on Area in the textbook, workbook, and IP. She started working on the final reviews on Friday. Hopefully, she'll do well on the remainder of them, so we can just focus on word problems over the next couple of months.


Jessie continues to work her way though Acts. This week she wrote a summary of Saul's conversion and a timeline of Paul's missionary journeys. Violet continues to read from Egermeier's Bible Story Book, but we've dropped the narrations.

In Rome this week, Jessie covered the emperors from Caligula to Domitian and filled in a chart about their character, actions, and her evaluation of them. She also outlined 6 pages from The Usbourne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World covering forms of Romans entertainment, read The Roman Colosseum by Mann, wrote a paragraph on what she learned, and complete a sketch from the book. Violet read and summarized about Nero and Titus. She also read The Roman Colosseum by MacDonald, wrote down some interesting facts from her reading, and completed her own sketch.

Henry has kept himself very busy this week. Here are a couple of his cuter moments.
Testing to see if the world really does look different upside-down and

after successfully raiding the girls room for a new means of entertainment and then trying unsuccessfully to avoid getting his picture taken by hiding behind the dining room table.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WW: Birthday fun

Here are a few shots from Henry's 2nd birthday.
The cake tasted great even though it looked horrible. Henry ate a couple of handfuls out of each layer while it was cooling.

Definitely needed a washcloth and a change of clothes.

His own truck at last!