Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mission Organization: Getting started in my office

I decided the easiest place to start in my office was with the closet (mostly because I need somewhere to shove everything else before my mom gets here this afternoon). My first project: school related curriculum and supplies. We now have a storage cabinet down in the basement, which my DH rebuilt from the built in dining room cabinets in the old house. I confiscated the top left shelving section for curriculum and school supplies. It only took a few minutes to sort the waiting-to-be-used-again on the shelves. I even found a few things to sell and started a for sale box of things to list online.

Sticking to my schooling theme, I tackled a couple of the drawers in my desk. I sorted my overloaded paper drawer and moved the unopened boxes of filler paper and unused spiral notebooks down to the school cabinet. That leaves enough room for printer paper (white and colored), a couple of packages of lined paper, the card stock I use for printing booklets, some envelopes, file folders for lapbook bases, and a few empty two pocket folders. I also sorted out my drawer of catalogs and teacher materials.

The room may still be a mess, but that's two boxes and two drawers down and one step closer to more organization.

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