Monday, September 24, 2007

What's a boy to do?

I finished reading our history book. Jessie and Violet went to the dining room to start geography. Benny had 15 minutes of free time until I started his video. What's a boy to do with 15 minutes? Supervising his sisters is always a good option.

He follows Jessie into the dining room and starts looking over her shoulder. (She was working on the floor for some reason.) He watches Jessie trace California and write the abbreviation.

"That's an A."

Then Benny inspects Violet's booklet.

"That's another A."

The girls continued working, and Benny disappeared. I was just beginning to wonder what he was doing when he came running down the hall with his drawing board in hand.

"Look Mom. I made an A."

There you have it. Not bad for a first attempt, especially without a model to copy. Hmm... Maybe we should capitalize on this sudden interest in drawing.

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