Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Adjusting our MOTH morning schedule

Our mornings have finally started moving a long fairly well with two exceptions. History and geography are never finished in 30 minutes, and most days we end up doing poetry and literature in the afternoon.

The first change that I made to our schedule was to increase the history and geography time to 45 minutes. This allows more time for the hands on work. To keep lunch at noon, I cut out the 15 minutes scheduled for cleaning up the school stuff at 11:45. With the girls help, this really only takes a minute or two so we'll just consider that part of the lunch routine.

In looking at the reasons we aren't getting poetry and literature done, I've found a couple of problems.
1. We aren't always starting school at 8:00. This is my fault not the kids. In order to this, I need to get up and get moving in the morning so that at 7:00 I can wake the girls up and get them moving. The first solution is to simply to get up earlier and follow my early morning schedule. (Basically I just have to stop be lazy and get up when my DH does.) Here it is:
2. We're spending the scheduled poetry / literature time making corrections to other subjects or getting Jessie to finish up something that she hasn't gotten to yet. I don't believe that Jessie actually needs more time scheduled for any of these subjects. I think we just need to emphasize putting our best effort into our school work (to avoid careless mistakes) and focusing on the task at hand (to get it done in a timely manner). Solution: After Jessie finishes her chores, she will be required to finish up and correct her remaining schoolwork before starting her quiet time. I know Jessie prizes her afternoon quiet time. (It's the only time where she's guaranteed not to be disturbed by her younger siblings). Hopefully, this will help her take more responsibility for her own work since the consequences will now fall solely upon her. Here's our adjusted morning routine:

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