Saturday, September 1, 2007

Managing our house, pt. 4 (Chores for Mom)

After setting up a list of chores for Jessie and Violet yesterday, it only seemed fair to take a second look at chores for myself. I have made progress. I'm getting more consistent again with my three things (swish and swipe bathrooms, vacuuming, and afternoon family clean up). Other things are getting done sporadically as I have time. When I created my MOTH schedule last month, I included two 30 minute blocks of time for cleaning. The first block is at 12:30 when the girls will also be starting their chores. The second block is at 4:30 when we clean up the house together. Here is my current plan for those times:

Monday: (1) Clean fish tank and laundry (2) Pick up and vacuum
Tuesday: (1) Sweep, mop, and recycle (2) Pick up and zone cleaning
Wednesday: (1) Clean girl's shower and laundry (2) Pick up and zone cleaning
Thursday: (1) Empty refrigerator and straighten up in office (2) Pick up and vacuum
Friday: (1) Change sheets, recycle, and laundry (2) Pick up and zone cleaning
Saturday: (1) Master bathroom tub, shower, and sink counter (2) Pick up

For the zones, I'm not going to use a specific list of things to do like the Flylady. The zone list was the point at which I gave up on Flylady because cleaning was taking over my life. The idea will be to just focus some time in that area each week either cleaning or organizing beyond what I would normally do. Our house is broken into four zones; (1) Master bed and bath and laundry area, (2) Kitchen and outside, (3) Living and Dining rooms, and (4) Hall and Kid's Rooms. If there are 5 Mondays, then I can either clean in the basement, work on a project, or have some free time.

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LisaWA said...

Ahhh...are you a fly lady? *Ü*

Your chores are broken down in manageable work loads.... great idea.