Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting Ready for Vacation

eEvery October our family enjoys spending a week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With the official countdown now down to 11 days and counting, I realized that I haven't even begun to plan this year's trip. So to help organize my thoughts, I thought I'd try a vacation planning to do list.

Meals - Goal: Finish by Saturday

1. Establish a meal plan for the week.
2. Create a list of groceries required for the plan.
3. Divide the grocery list into items to the brought along (spices, Rice milk, snacks) and items to be purchased in Avon.
4. Make some snacks / meals ahead of time. (Possibilities: waffles, zucchini bread, muffins, pancake mix)
5. Tell DH how much cooler space will be required.

Packing - Goal: Finish by Thursday except for last minute items

1. Find last year's vacation list (Done.)
2. Modify list based on new needs. (No playpen, diapers, etc. required for Benny this time.)
3. Type list on computer this time so I don't have to flip through several spiral notebooks next year.
3. Monday and Tuesday - estimate clothing needs based on current forecast and start washing.
4. Monday - take recycle tubs to center to empty and wash thoroughly for packing.
5. Tuesday evening - may need to do some shopping for pants for Benny or more shorts for me depending on weather.
5. Wednesday - have kid's determine what videos/toys to take (Rules: no little pieces, no dolls, must fit in tub) and pack, also rinse and pack 1 bucket of sand toys
6. Thursday - pack kid's clothes, highlight any items which need packed on Friday, set aside clothes to wear on Saturday
7. Friday afternoon - any last minute laundry (usually for me), wash sheets and remake beds, clean out refrigerator to avoid unexpected science experiments, and pack my stuff
8. Friday evening - make a list of items to be gathered when we wake the kids up to leave (pillows, stuffed animals, my toothbrush, etc.)

1. Find substitute teacher for Violet's Sunday school class.
2. Make sure all library books due that week are renewed or returned. Return all ILL books.

That's all I can think of for now. Hopefully, laying it out will help me not procrastinate until the last minute. (My DH hates it when I vacuum and mop at 9pm the night before we leave.) Now off to work on that menu.


Katherine said...

Thank you for your blog! I see you on WTM board also! I wanted your opinion on Classical Writing vs FFL-3-- Also TruthQuest. I am doing SOTW-1 with Mystery of History to get the biblical/church history in with it. Im not liking MOH. I was thinking of maybe doing Biblioplan for families w/SOTW and then starting TruthQuest in 5th. Any advice for a first year classical/CM homeschool mom with ds6/dd5?

Katherine said...

I couldn't find a contact email address on your blog so if you would like to email me it's kathkelly1@aol.com