Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half - Book 1 of 52 in 52

It's a new year and a new chance to make some changes.  My first book for the year is Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family  by Steve & Annette Economides.  It's a good book with a lot of common sense ideas including making meal plans and shopping lists, using price books and buying products at their cheapest prices, couponing, cooking in bulk, storage, and even saving at restaurants.  At the end of each section there are three levels of challenges for beginner to advanced levels.   There are more than enough ideas to pick and choose for all levels and lots of encouragement to take the ideas and make them work for you.

I'm probably somewhere in the intermediate level, but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of challenges already.  I did a complete inventory of our chest freezer last week before even reading the book (to rotate stock and put the newer meats on the bottom), so I patted myself on the back for getting a head start.   I also made a menu for this week and set a weekly grocery budget (and stayed within budget for the week).  Now I just have to follow through and do the cooking.

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chereemoore said...

I have to be honest that books like these have me a little skeptical... mostly because I grew up in a household where a lot of these type of tips are considered common sense.

My husband likes to remind me that what is common to one is not always common to all.