Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 20: A Brief Week

We had a bit of a short week due to a two day visit by my parents and Henry being sick.  Overall, it was still a pretty good week.

Jessie's 7th Grade
  • Jessie's finished up her 6th chapter of Lial's this week and began working with percentages in chapter 7.
  • In CW, she finished analyzing FDR's speech and wrote her own imitation of it changing the event from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • We squeezed in one of her CE chapters, a bit of logic, and three grammar lessons on adjectives.
  • She finished reading Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream but otherwise had the week off from Omnibus as we wait for the next primary book to arrive.
  • She worked with the dative case in Greek and completed four days of Latin assignments.
Violet's 5th Grade
  • Violet began her new Singapore 5B books this week working with decimals.
  • She did three days of reading from Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Brill's Madeline Takes Command
  • In CW, she rewrote "The Wooden Horse" from Colum's The Children's Homer and practiced working with adjectives.
  • Three days of spelling, dictation, and grammar rounded out the week for language arts.
  • She did complete lesson 19 in LfC B and three days of logic as well.

Benny's 2nd Grade
  • Benny worked on mental addition in Singapore and the relationship between multiplication and division in Miquon.
  • We continued reading Ginger Pye by Estes together.  He read a few more chapters in Speare's The Sign of the Beaver to me, and in our Bible reading we began the book of Acts.
  • He did three days of spelling, copywork, and cursive handwriting in which he is now up to the letter L.
  • He did complete all five days of his critical thinking in three days.

No notebooking pages this week.  The girls learned about slavery and wrote a summary of Haskin's Bound for America.  They took a closer look at pioneer life by reading Jared's Island by de Angeli and The Golden Horseshoe by Coatsworth.  On Wednesday, they summarized a chapter from Trial and Triumph on the missionary David Brainerd.  Benny got the week off from history because I couldn't really find anything appropriate.  We will read Jared's Island next week once we've finished Ginger Pye for literature.  No notebooking pages.  We'll do both weeks next Friday.

Jessie finished up the second chapter on invertebrates this week learning about arthropods and mollusks, complete and incomplete metamorphosis, and did a fair job on her test.  We also completed an investigation of the cuttlefish comparing the actual facts about the species to the description from Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
Violet learned about centripetal and centrifugal forces this week.  Here she is spinning a cup half filled with water over her head.  (Even though she had already read the lesson, she still thought she might get wet.)
 She also tied one of the dog's tennis balls to some yarn and compared the speed and force necessary to spin the ball on a short string versus a longer one.

Benny and I read more about fish.


Violet wanted to complete some art this week, so she chose a lesson on drawing a beach house from my folder.
 Henry started out the week with his normal energy riding on Jessie's shoulders so he could tower above everyone else,
building towers out of Battleship pegs when Benny forgot to put the game away,

and teasing the dog with the Violet's tennis ball on a piece of yarn until the yarn finally slid off.

By the end of the week, he was running a fever and didn't have the energy to do much but listen to books or watch television.  Hopefully, it will pass quickly.


SCGS said...

I sure hope it's a short sickness. There have been a lot of people sick this past week!

I just pulled out Miquon again this week. Why have I had it tucked away for so long?!

Kristie said...

Oh, I hope your little man feels better soon :(. I hate seeing my kids sick.

My name is Tiffany said...

Love the pj's we are in our pj's a lot. How did you all like Bound for America? Another great week!

MissMOE said...

Hope your little one feels better and the rest of you stay healthy. Looks like a pretty full week.