Friday, January 6, 2012

Weeks 17: Starting Back Up

Jessie's 7th Grade
  • Jessie continued working with decimals this week in Lial's Prealgebra. The final section on mean, weighted mean, median, and mode gave her a little trouble, so I'll have her do the even problems Monday after a bit of review.
  • In R&S, she moved on to a new unit on pronouns and worked mainly with the proper use of different cases.
  • She focused on the opposite and cause paragraphs for CW Diogenes and did her regular vocabulary.
  • We continued with Pyle's The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood for Omnibus secondary while beginning Beowulf by Heaney for primary. The picture to the left is an omnibus writing assignment for a 4 stanza ballad with a 2 line refrain.
  • In addition to regular logic, she completed lesson 15 in EG2 and after 2 days of review began working on lesson 18 in LA1.
Violet's 5th Grade
  • Violet began working with angles this week in math. She did a bit of measuring with a compass and lots of calculating based on the information given.  In CWP 5, she's begun working on problems of area and perimeter as seen on the right.
  • She also began a new R&S unit on pronouns and completed another spelling chapter.
  • For CW, she analyzed and rewrote the model "The Defeat of Cyrus".
  • Her new literature selections are Journey to the Center of the Earth by Verne and Madeline Takes Command by Brill.
  • She finished her first Think-a-Grams book for logic and worked on the declination of duo in LfC B

    Benny's 2nd grade
  • Benny completed his IP unit on multiplying and dividing by 2 and 3 this week and has begun the midyear review exercises. In Miquon he used a hundred chart to answer questions of where he would end up after starting on a specific number and moving different ways.
  • We reviewed sentence types in FLL.
  • In addition to his regular spelling assignments and copywork, he began learning cursive this week as well.
  • We finished The Story of the Amulet by Nesbit as our read aloud and continued on The Black Stallion by Farley which we take turns reading.
  • He completed his critical thinking as well.
    This week's topics for history included the Salem Witch Trials, Queen Anne's War, and the composers Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi.
    Jessie read The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Jackson, Johann Sebastian Bach and the Art of Baroque Music by Getzinger, George Handel by Venezia, and Antonio Vivaldi and the Baroque Tradition by Getzinger.  She wrote summaries of all the material except Handel and did a brief outline for Queen Anne's War.  Violet used the Guerber Thirteen Colonies book for the first two topics and read Johann Sebastian Bach by Venezia and Venezia's Handel book as well.  She completed three very brief summaries and an outline.  Benny and I read about the war in SOTW 3.  Other books for the week included Sebastian: A Book About Bach by Winter, Bach by Rachlin, Handel Who Knew What He Liked by Anderson, and Handel by Rachlin.  Rather than hands on, we watched two short films this week from the library:  Bach's Fight for Freedom and Handel's Last Chance.
    Jessie worked on flowering plants this week in BJU.
    Here she is started an experiment with 3 groups of bean seeds:  one control, one set refrigerated for an hour, and one set frozen for an hour.
    We also soaked some food coloring into celery.
    Violet has been studying kinematics.
    We calculated her running speed over three different distances.
    and calculated the acceleration of a toy car down our improvised ramp.
    Benny did science!  YEAH! 
     We read a portion of chapter 4 on sea turtle and sea snakes and made our clay figures
    We also marked out the size of a leatherback sea turtle on our living room floor.  Benny thought it was neat that he couldn't even reach across the width of the turtle.
    We resumed our regular geography activities.
     Violet drew a winter scene and dotted on some paint for snow.  Benny counted his science as art, and Jessie didn't get around to it.  No music this week. HENRY'S CORNER In addition to our regular reading time, Henry and I also did some Kumon cutting pages this week and spent some time just playing together.
    He gets Jessie to tell him stories about our lives.
    He's also been building towers out of our tuna cans when bored.

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