Friday, December 16, 2011

Week 15: Almost ready for a break

Jessie's 7th Grade
  •  Jessie worked on positive and negative fractions this week in Lial's.
  • In CW, she focused on working with adjective elements within a small bit of Shakespeare and did several sentence shuffles.
  • We did her regular vocabulary, but lightened up on her logic and only completed half what I had planned.  In grammar, she learned the active and passive voices.
  • She completed all of her Omnibus reading, but we have some discussions to finish next week.  I found it impossible to finish up the Christmas cards, ship the presents, and put up the remaining decorations while still finding time to read her Omnibus assignments myself.
  • In Latin Alive, she finished lesson 16 covering more third declension nouns, the imperative mood, and the vocative case and started 17 working with the dative case.  She also completed another week of EG2 where she worked with first person pronouns.
Violet's 5th Grade
  • Violet doubled up math lessons this week while studying ratios and has been breezing through her lessons.
  • She continued reading Treasure Island by Stevenson and Susan Creek by Wilson for literature.
  • She scored a 95 on her spelling test and practiced diagramming predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives in grammar.
  • For CW, she rewrote the model "How the Came Got Its Hump" by Kipling.  We finished up the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for dictation.
  • In Latin, she learned the cardinal numbers to ten.  On the left, she's working on one of her Mind Bender's puzzles for logic.
Benny's 2nd Grade
  • Benny continued multiplying and divided by 2 and 3 this week in Singapore math and worked on a mixture of topics in Miquon.
  • He finished reading aloud Misty of Chincoteague by Henry and began The Black Stallion by Farley.  We continued to read The Story of the Amulet by Nesbit.
  • He's still using a portion of Luke 2 for his copywork and doing his regular spelling assignments as well.

In history this week, we covered Bacon's Rebellion, William Penn, and the Ottoman Empire and the siege on Vienna.  The girls outlined from This Country of Ours.   Jessie read William Penn:  Quaker Hero by Dolson while Violet read from The Story of the Thirteen Colonies
Everyone read from SOTW 3 for the Ottoman Empire.  Benny and I also read about William Penn using SOTW 3 and The Story of William Penn by Aliki.  The only hands on for history was our mapwork this week.

Jessie's still learning about plants in Life Science.  This week she learned about the different parts of a vascular plant and its leaves.  The one lab that we fit in was to measure the change in weight in a plant due to the loss of water by transpiration.
Violet studied wedges and screws.  We took paper ramps and rolled them around pencils to illustrate how they are related.
She also learned about different levers and tried lifting a tub of nails using a yardstick and fulcrum to compare the length of her level to the ease of raising her weight.


Violet and Benny made nutcrackers this week.
No music.  Lots of geography games.


Henry and I read lots of Christmas books this week.  He spent a lot of time moving ornaments around on the Christmas tree, so I pulled out our small tree for him to play with instead.

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