Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time to Gear Up for Another Year, A Master To Do List

My school cabinet looks like a tornado hit. I have stacks of library books for ancient history all over my house. The curriculum I purchased from the convention Saturday is still sitting in the trunk of my van, and I really can't see the surface of my desk. It's not that I haven't started making plans for next year rather I've been working on different subjects here and there in more of a piecemeal fashion so that I'm beginning to have trouble remembering what I've done versus what still needs to be completed. To organize my chaos and unclutter my mind from a mishmash of to do lists, I thought I would put my master to do list here on the blog where it can't get lost. Items still to be done will be marked in red. Completed items are green, and purple items are in progress.

  • Still need to decide about music for next year
  • Still need to decide if I'm going to have Violet do Latin next year. (I'm not thrilled at the thought of using Prima Latina, but I didn't find anything I like better at the convention)

  • Purchased but waiting to receive: LfC B Mastery Bundle, The Story of the Greeks, 3rd edition, Usborne History of the Ancient World, and Usborne Encyclopedia of Planet Earth
  • Still to be purchased: Singapore Math IP 5A and 5B (want to double check list against books on shelf one last time before ordering to make sure I have what I think I have) and Apologia Human Body book which has not yet been published
  • Copy the standardized test results to send in to the county.
  • Print and complete the Notice of Intent for the next school year
  • Create and print curriculum description to be submitted (Rough descriptions complete, need to finalize)
  • Mail it all in to the county
  • Clean out school baskets and cabinet
  • Check general supplies and make a list of what is needed
  • Purchase supplies
  • Put new school books in baskets
  • Make a new MOTH schedule
  • Assemble my planner
  • For Jessie: Grammar, Spelling, Math, Word Problems, Latin and Logic (Grammar complete)
  • For Violet: Grammar, Spelling, Math, Word Problems, and Critical Thinking (Grammar complete)
  • For Benny: Math and Critical Thinking
  • For Jessie: CW Homer plans
  • <>For Jessie: poetry memorization list
  • For Jessie: create, preread, and roughly schedule <>literature list (Listened to Tuck Everlasting in van Saturday. Put on list.)
  • For Violet: CW Aesop plans
  • For Violet: poetry memorization list
  • For Violet: create, preread, and roughly schedule literature list
  • For Benny: Read aloud idea list
  • For girls: Need to correlate art with history plans using drawing books and choose art history resources
  • For all: Biblical history plans (Reading schedule for OT complete with notes on timeline figures and maps. Still need to find blank maps and fill in activities for OT. NT still to be completed.)
  • For all: Ancient history plans (Have first two weeks complete. Begun working on Near East and Ancient Egypt.)
  • For all: Science plans: Put together earth science lessons and labs
That's a lot of red. Maybe I'll clean the school cabinet or finish up the legal stuff today and tomorrow just so I can start marking some things in green.

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