Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Summer Days?!?

When I was growing up, summer was huge. I had the whole day to spend however I wanted. (OK, sometimes it was boring, but I always figured bored was better than busy with homework.) I knew I would need to spend time planning this summer, but to be perfectly honest I still expected to have plenty of free time. (Boy, was I wrong.)

I am making progress with planning. I'm close to finishing the first 13 week unit of history. I have a few planninng sheets for other subjects. I've preread some literature books. I do still need to make a final decision and place one last RR order.

Still it seems like every day, I go to bed and wonder what exactly I've accomplished for the day. Meals are cooked, eaten, and cleaned up. The dog gets his walk. The vegetables in the garden are taken care of. The's a blur. I have no idea.

I miss my schedule. I'm not ready to start school back up, but I am ready to put back in some structure (at least enough to see that I am accomplishing something each day).

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