Friday, June 12, 2009

2009-10 Goals for Violet: Math, Logic, and Latin

1. Review previous math facts and related concepts.
Singapore Math 3A
2. Memorization of all multiplication and division facts.
Singapore Math 3A, Multiplication Wrap-up, and drill
3. Introduce and master long division.
Singapore Math 3A
4. Apply all four operations to topics such as length, weight, and capacity.
Singapore Math 3B
5. Introduce the concepts of angles, area, and perimeter.Singapore Math 3B
1. Continue to develop reasoning and analytical skillsfinish Building Thinking Skills 1,
Visual Perceptual Skills 2
2. Develop logic and problem solving abilitiesMind Benders Beginning Book 2
1. Gentle introduction to Latin vocabulary and very basic grammar.

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Tricia said...

We do singapore and latin too. I love both. You have a very nice blog. I need to spend more time reading.