Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009-10 Goals for Violet: Language Arts

I'm really cutting it close this year as I try to get these goals completed before going to our state convention this year. Here we go.
1. Review definitions of the 8 parts of speech.
Part of memory box.
2. Improve ability to identify the parts of speech in a sentence.
R&S 3
3. Introduce the two basic parts of a sentence.
R&S 3
4. Introduce sentence diagramming.
R&S 3
1. Continue to improve spelling skills and vocabulary.SWO E
2. Continue to improve editing skills.SWO E and CW Aesop
1. Improve legibility of writingCopywork
2. Begin working to put together spelling, punctuation skills, and basic grammar without a model.
3. Introduce the editting process of writing rough and final drafts.CW Aesop
4. Introduce more dialogue into her writing.CW Aesop
1. Continue variety of books read beyond fiction.Assigned weekly history biographies and science books.
2. Increase attention to details and content.Narrations and discussions of assigned literature. Analysis in CW Aesop
3. Increase independence. More assigned reading to replace reading aloud.

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