Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009-10: Goals for Jessie - Language Arts

It's that time of year again. Time to focus my brain and think about what I actually want to accomplish with Jessie next year to make sure that the time and money I invest in curriculum and planning bears some fruit next year as we enter into a new stage of learning.

1. Solidify an understanding of the 8 parts of speech.Accomplish using R&S 5 exercises and grammar work in CW Homer
2. Improve ability to identify the parts of speech.
Accomplish using analysis exercises in CW Homer
3. Improve ability to parse words and diagram sentences.
Accomplish using R&S 5 exercises and grammar work in CW Homer.
4. Continue to improve punctuation skills.
Learn new skills using R&S 5. Reinforce through dictation and CW draft editing.
5. Become familiar with using a thesaurus
CW Homer
1. Continue to improve vocabulary.To be practiced using SWO G and H.
2. Continue to improve editing skills.To be practiced using SWO G and H, dictation, and CW.
3. Increase emphasis on identifying word roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
To be practiced using SWO G and H and Latin for Children B derivatives exercises.
1. Continue to improve legibility, speed, and length of handwriting.Dictation
2. Understand the six parts of a narrative scene and be able to analyze a scene to determine each part.
CW Homer
3. Analyze a piece of writing to identify the author's emphasis and message
CW Homer
4. Summarize, paraphrase, and outline a narrative
CW Homer
5. Improve word choice and variety using synonyms and a thesaurus.
CW Homer
6. Learn to manipulate a sentence using the six sentence shuffle to write it multiple ways.
CW Homer
7. Improve structure and style of narrative writing.
CW Homer
1. Continue variety of books read beyond fiction.Assigned weekly history biographies and science books.
2. Increase attention to details and content.Assigned literature readings to be discussed with Mom.
3. Introduce basic literary anaylsis and discuss select readings throughout the course of the year.
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