Friday, June 5, 2009

2009-10: Goals for Jessie - Math, Logic, and Latin

1. Continue to improve multiplication and division skills. Learn to divide by a two digit number. Learn the order of operations.
Singapore Math 5A
2. Continue to improve on understanding of fractions, addition and subtracting of unlike fractions, and addition and subtraction of mixed numbers.Singapore Math 5A.
3. Improve 2D geometry skills learning about triangle (area, sum of angles, types), working with angles, and 4 sided figures
Singapore Math 5A and 5B
4. Introduce the concepts of ratios, percentages, averages, and rates. Expand on the concept of decimals.
Singapore Math 5A and 5B
5. Improve 3D geometry skills by calculating volumes.
Singapore Math 5B
6. Continue to improve computation speed in multiplication and division.Weekly timed math drills
1. Continue to improve reasoning and analytical skills.Building Thinking Skills 2
2. Continue to improve logic and problem solving skillsMind Benders B series
Think-a-grams A1 and A2
1. Improve Latin vocabulary and grammarLatin For Children Primer B
2. Continue making Latin more fun.LfC Activity book and DVD
3. Continue reading and translating Latin.LfC History Reader

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