Friday, June 6, 2008

TruthQuest topics that didn't overlap

Topic 51 is on pioneers which are covered in more depth in the AHYS2 guide, so we can either skip it or just have a few books for the girls to read for fun.

Topic 1 is all commentary and can easily be added.
Topic 2 on the new capital fits in with topic 50 of firsts.
Topic 7 is composed of biographies that can be read independently.
Topic 8 covers the industrial revolution. We will probably just read the commentary and stick to reading about scientists and inventors related to the industrial revolution.
Topic 9 has no library books available so we can only read the commentary.
Topic 10 cover pioneer life and should be covered.
Topic 11 on Indians is optional to me. We can either just read from the Holling book or skip if necessary.
Topics 12-14 all deal with specific Indians so we may be able to just assign biographies.
Topics 15- 18 are biographical.
Topic 19 will depend on available resources.
Topic 24 is also biographical.
Topic 26 has no library resources so we can only read the commentary.
Topics 30-31 can be skipped.
Topic 32 needs to be added because we'll want to cover the Pony Express and its riders.
Topic 38 looks at the confederacy only. I may be able to just assign a biography of Jefferson Davis if I can get one with a balanced viewpoint..
Topic 39 is an overview of the civil war. These resources can be spread out over several chapters dealing with specific events.

Topics 2-3 cover the movement west and the wild west and should be covered.
Topic 5 can skip or simply read commentary.
Topic 6 can simply read from Holling book.
Topics 10-12 will need to decide whether to include.
Topic 13 is biographical and can be assigned.
Topic 15 is only commentary.
Topic 16 is biographical and can be assigned.
This is the point at which the Guerber book ends, so all topics beyond here will be scheduled in order of the TruthQuest guide as much as possible.

All the topics in green can be used for the girls assigned biographies. All the topics in purple I will most likely want to cover and will need to fit in the outline. All the remaining topics in black, I'll have to look at the available resources before making a decision.

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