Monday, June 16, 2008

Saving on used curriculum conclusion - The Final Results

The list below has been my shopping list that I have referred to while searching online for used curriculum. It doesn't include science or art since I didn't decide on what I was using for these subjects until I was at the convention. Here are the results.


  1. Singapore Primary Math 4A Textbook ($7.95) USED ($3.00)
  2. Singapore Primary Math 4A Workbook NEW($7.95)
  3. Singapore Primary Math 4A Intensive Practice NEW ($7.95)
  4. Singapore Primary Math 4B Textbook ($7.95) USED ($3.00)
  5. Singapore Primary Math 4B Workbook NEW ($7.95)
  6. Singapore Primary Math 4B Intensive Practice NEW($7.95)
  7. Singapore Primary Math 4 Challenging Word Problems NEW($7.50)
Total estimated cost for math: $55.20
Cost saving so far: $9.90 (18%)

Language Arts:
  1. Spelling Workout F NEW ($12.37)
  2. Spelling Workout G NEW ($12.37)
  1. Rod and Staff, Building with Diligence - Student ($14.90) DISCOUNTED NEW($14.16)
  2. Rod and Staff, Building with Diligence - Teacher ($20.20) DISCOUNTED NEW ($19.19)
  1. Finish Aesop with Core manual only ($0.00)
  2. Poetry for Beginners with Core manual only ($31.95) USED ($15.00)
Total estimated cost for Language Arts: $91.79
Cost savings for LA: $18.70 (20%)

  1. Latin for Children A Bundle NEW ($99.95)

Total estimated cost for Latin: $99.95 bundled
Cost savings for Latin: $0.00

  1. TruthQuest American History for Young Students 2 ($24.95) ($23.95) purchased new before price increase
  2. TruthQuest American History for Young Students 3 ($29.95) ($16.00)
Total estimated cost for history: $54.90
Cost saving for history: $14.95(27%)

Critical Thinking:
  1. Building Thinking Skills Level 2 ($29.99) ($3.00)
  2. Mind Benders A2 ($9.99) DISCOUNTED NEW ($9.00)
  3. Mind Benders A3 ($9.99) DISCOUNTED NEW ($9.00)
  4. Mind Benders A4 ($9.99) DISCOUNTED NEW ($9.00)
Total estimated cost for critical thinking: $59.96
Cost savings for critical thinking: $29.96 (50%)

Total estimated curriculum cost: $361.80
Total actual curriculum cost: $288.29
Total cost savings: $73.51 (20%)

The used items were purchased at a local used curriculum sale, the WTM sale and swap board, the VegSource homeschool sale and swap board, and EBay. The used curriculum prices include the shipping costs that I paid for these items. The discounted new items were purchased at our state convention where a few of the vendors had convention specials. The new prices reflect the costs from purchasing through Rainbow Resource with the exception of the Spelling Workout books which I found to be cheaper if ordered directly from the publisher even with the cost of shipping.

Overall, I have to say that I am quite surprised at the amount of money that I was able to save. The time commitment was fairly minimal. It usually only took at most 10 minutes to scan through the various online sites even with my snail pace internet connection. If I had not kept forgetting to check my EBay bids at the close of the auctions, the numbers would probably have been slightly higher. The amount of used curriculum that I was able to find this year was also higher than in previous years most likely because I started searching in January instead of waiting until spring time. For me at least, the returns have justified the time invested since our budget is so tight. For others, it might be different.

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