Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poems to Memorize for 2008-2009

Our poetry memorization went very well last year, so we'll continue with our current system. The poems are printed on pink index cards and added to our memory box. Each poem starts out in the daily slot and slowly gets moved back to odd or even, weekly, and finally monthly review tabs as a new poem is started. I'm estimating that the girls can memorize approximately 4 lines a week depending on the length of the lines. This year I have chosen a couple of Christian poems, a couple of poems just for fun, and a few poems which teach lessons. Here's the list in the order they will be introduced:

The Shepherd from R&S English 3
Don't Give Up by Phoebe Cary
True Nobility by Edgar Guest
Love Between Brothers and Sisters by Isaac Watts
Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
The Captain's Daughter by James T. Fields
Obedience by Phoebe Cary
The Lamb by William Blake
The Coin by Sara Teasdale
The Parts of Speech by Anonymous for Jessie
Mr. Nobody by Anonymous for Violet

Now I just have to get some more index cards and print them out, and I can mark poetry off of my to do list. YEAH!!

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