Friday, November 16, 2007

We'll call this Week 13 Report part 1...

The week started off uneventfully enough. We finished our school work Monday. Tuesday I let the kids off early to play outside. Wednesday started well, and then my computer started flashing blue screen of death and locking up every few minutes. It took most of Thursday to backup the files on my hard drive onto my flash drive. Today has been zapped reinstalling software and looking for a few missing cds. (An hour to find my modem driver which ended up being on top of the computer under the HTTA box. 30 minutes to find the software that goes with my digital camera hiding in the bottom of my desk behind the drawers.) We may not have gotten all the school work done that I had planned, but at least I made some strides in cleaning and organizing in my office. I figure we'll just call next week 13 1/2, and play catch up. Sorry no pictures this week, I usually take them between Wednesday and Friday.


Jessie finished Singapore 3A and has started on 3B. At least for her math has been fun this week since it starts with some review. She also started in on the Miquon purple book and is already looking forward to having just one math program next year. Violet continued to struggle with subtraction within 100 in her Singapore book. It turns out there are two problems. First she hasn't mastered all of her math facts yet so she was trying to recalculate them all in her head causing some simple errors. Second she kept forgetting where she was in the problem. In a problem like 76-37, she figured out 76-30 was 46, but then she would get confused and forget how much more she needed to subtract. We solved that problem by writing down 30 and 7 separately under the number like a number bond. We'll add in some daily math drill and move on. I'll think she'll find it easier to subtract when the numbers are stacked on top of each other in the next book. She also started a new section in Singapore on money. Apparently, I didn't cover that in Kindergarten with her like I did Faith. We'll review the coins and how much they are worth as well as counting by 25s as part of memory time for a couple of weeks.


Jessie started memorizing our next poem Time to Rise already. I forgot to put the new card in Violet's daily slot, but it's short enough I'm sure she can learn it next week. We did manage to read a few more chapters of Little Pilgrim's Progress. I hope to finish that up next week as well. Violet's finished lesson 22 in spelling, but we need to test that next week. I had her restart lesson 21 because she missed so many of the words Tuesday when I tested that lesson. Jessie has only done part of her spelling and grammar assignments. Neither did any copywork this week (my fault for not having anything ready to copy).


I know the girls started their Indiana booklets. I need to print out a new page of flag stickers for both girls and a new population map for Violet (the first having mysteriously vanished I'm told). We did some more reading on the Pilgrims until the book mysteriously vanished. It's probably either behind the sofa or has been moved somewhere by DH. No booklets this week with all the pc problems.


Alas poor Benny got left out again in all the chaos. His only work has been life skills for the week. Last night he helped me load the washing machine until I needed to get to the clothes he was standing on to reach the top of the washer. Then he helped DH crumple paper and handed him some of the small pieces of wood to get the wood stove started. Wednesday I sent him under the dining room table on a hunt for dropped cheerios. Unfortunately I forgot to keep an eye on him so I think more of the cheerios were eaten than put in the trash. (YUCK!!) Monday he folded some of his own clothes and a few of DH's socks. (Don't tell Violet, but right now Benny's folding is neater than hers).

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LisaWA said...

Oh! Can I relate! Only I didnt get to back anything up! Not only did it crash, bit I lost drivers! what ever that means!

Im on my sons laptop trying to catch up on email, yahoogroups and my favorite blog peeps....

Ok... Im going to go and finish your post! lol I never got past the computer pronlems!! :)

Have a wonderful thanksgiving.