Saturday, November 24, 2007

Review Week 13, part 2

You would think having DH home for an entire week would free up more time for me to do fun things like blog on the Internet. Alas, he's been trying to "help" me around the house. Don't get me wrong. I love the help. It's just that if he's helping me get work done then I have to be up and doing work too. Anyway in the midst of it all we did get some school work done last week.


We doubled up on math last week to try to accelerate our pace. Our current math schedule would have us doing math through the end of May, and I would really prefer to get the work done before the baby comes if possible. I simply told the girls that if we did some extra math lessons at the beginning of the week then they could have off the day after Thanksgiving as well. (Thank goodness they liked that idea. I really needed to do some Christmas shopping Friday morning.) Jessie actually finished 6 lessons in 3 days last week. Violet did 5 lessons. Needless to say we spent some extra time on math each day.


In language arts we just caught up from last week. Spelling, grammar, and Latin assignments for week 13 were completed. We managed to squeeze in Little Pilgrim's Progress one day. (I think we'll finally finish next week). For memory work we just reviewed what was already in the box by doubling up on the weekly sections Monday and Tuesday so that everything was covered. The girls got the week off from copywork again due to lack of time. We'll have to make sure to get back to that next week.


The girls almost finished their Illinois booklets. They need a new page of seal stickers printed off. I figure we can stick it in Monday since I'm not getting much computer time this week. For history, I found our book about Pilgrims and realized that we had read all that we needed for this section of history. We'll actually finish the book in a few weeks when we get to the topic of King Phillip's war. No booklets or timeline this week because I need to get a new black ink cartridge. My plan is to either catch up next week during school time or just do an hour of lapbooking on Saturday morning.



We just did lots of reading this week. Benny's just not interested in working on letters or numbers with DH at home. Despite some cold temperatures, they were outside almost every day bringing up wood, raking leaves, going on nature walks, playing, etc. He also helped me make pancakes for dinner Wednesday evening. (I convinced DH that we didn't need a big meal the day before Thanksgiving). He dumped in the rice milk and did a great job of stirring the batter while I cooked the pancakes.

That's about it. Next week I'll start posting pictures again.

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