Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 12 report: Trying to get going again

Last week went pretty well overall. Switching back to standard time did help the girls get up earlier so we were able to start school closer to 8:00. Now I just have to reteach the girls not to dawdle along through their morning routines and their schoolwork. This is of course my fault for lack of consistency so I have no one to be frustrated at other than myself.


Both girls are close to finished memorizing Against Quarrelling and Fighting. We'll probably review it one or two more days next week before starting our next poem. Jessie started Spelling Workout E this week and wrote her own version of The Ball and the Top for Classical Writing. I'll post the picture later this week when I find the missing file on my hard drive. Nothing new to report for Violet.


Jessie has almost finished all of her review for Singapore Math 3A and has finished her Miquon Yellow book. (Both of these were started last year in second grade.) Violet is still struggling with subtraction within 100 in her IP book so I guess we're going to have to add in some extra practice in the next few weeks.


In geography we finished Hawaii and Idaho. I still forgot to review our song. In history we're still reading about the pilgrims. It looks like I'll have to extend the topic at least one more week to finish up. We'll catch up on our lapbooks then as well.

Still no art and music


Benny had his own plans last week and promptly disappeared back to his room to play every morning after breakfast. I wasn't feeling very good so I just let him do whatever last week. We'll start up preschool again next week.

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