Friday, November 9, 2007

Week 11: A little behind

Almost a full week after I intended to write this post, I finally find myself with enough time and mental focus to put some thoughts down on paper. Here's what did get done last week amid all the other projects.


The girls are still making progress memorizing Against Quarreling and Fighting. Jessie got the week off from spelling (the new book's not here yet), while completing her grammar, Classical Writing, and copywork. Violet's spelling is progressing well. I've decided we're going to drop grammar through December at least. I'd like to restart in January if I can find the time to sit down and make some modifications. Jessie and Violet both continued copying poetry, Jessie in cursive and Violet in manuscript. We did a few more chapters of Little Pilgrims Progess. Most days, however, it was either read history or read literature. We couldn't seem to fit both in. I'm not too worried because I expect things to get easier over the next couple of weeks. The time change over the weekend will put the kids back to being up at 7am so that should give us some more morning time. Next week is the last week of swim lessons for both girls so that will free up 2 afternoons a week giving me more time to catch up in school and in housework too.


Jessie wrapped up her final lesson on money in Singapore Math 3A and just has some review to finish up. That's part of the review lesson at the end of her workbook on the left. Violet (on right) has been up and down as far as math this week. She handled adding within 100 well. Subtracting seemed to give her more trouble. We'll wait and see how she does in the IP book on this section before deciding if we need to add in some extra practice.


We completed the Georgia booklet and started Hawaii. I forgot to add to the 50 Nifty United States Song. In history we began reading about the Pilgrims. We covered the persecution in England and their life in Holland. Lapbooks didn't get done, but I have the narrations so we'll catch up in the next couple of weeks.

No art or music.


Benny was sick for part of the week and just had no desire to do school. We did review numbers and letters one day as well as spend some time reading off and on. The week wasn't a total loss however. Saturday Benny helped me vacuum his room first by holding the vacuum with me then by running it himself. Neither of the girls would even stay in the same room as the vacuum cleaner when they were three. I guess I need to capitalize on Benny's desire to work and be helpful while it's there.

That's about it. This week we have a little bit of history to finish up tomorrow so I'll try to post a review for week 12 tomorrow afternoon or Sunday at the latest.

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LisaWA said...

No... not behind... right where you need to be! ( Im being your cheerleader here!) *Ü*

I fell out of my grove late in October... we went away on a long field trip for the weekend and I guess I lost it then. So we have been reviewing our unit 1 and basics.

We will begin a new unit in 2 weeks. *Ü* Im good with that.

Have a great week, and see younext week!