Monday, August 13, 2007

Starting school

It started in June...
"When are we going to start school?"
--Not until August.

Halfway through July it became...
"It's almost August. What day are we going to start?"
--I don't know. We'll see.

The last week of July I heard...
"Are we starting next Wednesday? It's August 1st and you did say we were starting in August."
--We're not starting on a Wednesday. You'll have to wait until Monday the 6th. I'm not ready yet. Why did I ever teach them to read a calendar?

August 6th came...
"What are we doing first? History? Math? Grammar?"
--We're just doing math this week. Violet still has swimming lessons, and I'm still finishing up planning. The printer's still broken, so I can't print out some of our lessons. We'll start the rest of the schedule next week.

Fast forward to August 13th...
Ready or not. Here we go... My new printer's installed. I have enough lesson plans to get us through a month or so. My kids are now very happy. We're back on a schedule. There is order to the day, which both Jessie and Benny thrive on. Who knew starting school could be such fun and make life so much less stressful?

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