Friday, January 24, 2014

Weeks 19 & 20 LG:


BIBLE: Benny covered the New Testament stories from the angel appearing to Zechariah to Jesus choosing his disciples.

MATH: He finished up the final review section of the 4A IP book and reach the official halfway point in math. He began working with decimals in the 4B text and workbook.

CRITICAL THINKING: He's been sorting shapes by categories in Building Thinking Skills 2 and also completed 2 more Mindbenders puzzles and advance Rush Hour puzzles.

LANGUAGE ARTS: In SWO E, Benny completed lessons 17, 18, and most of 19. He's been working through the unit on pronouns in R&S 4 covering subject pronouns, object pronouns, and demonstrative pronouns. For CW, he narrated the fable "he Lark and Her Young Ones" and analyzed "The Sick Lion" as well as completing his dictation and cursive copywork.

In literature, he finished the final book in Osbourne's Odyssey series and began The Island Stallion by Farley. As a read aloud, we quickly finished The Golden Key by MacDonald and started The Adventures of King Midas by Banks for a fun change of pace.

LATIN:  In LfC A, he completed chapter 18 which was a review lesson and then learned about the future tense of verbs.  We also started using the Latin History Reading, which he isn't thrilled about, but we're working through the lessons together.

HISTORY: Benny and I covered 3 chapters of SOTW 1 during the past two weeks. Topics included the Medes and the Persians, life in ancient Sparta and Athens, and the Greek gods. We did the corresponding mapwork as well as narrations of each of the topics for the notebook pages.

SCIENCE: In Zoology 3, we read about peccaries and moved on to a new chapter introducing reptiles and read several sections relating to snakes.

ART: See the previous Thursday posts.


In Phonics Pathways, Henry worked on 4 letters words with short vowel sounds. We mostly covered a half a page per day, but he did manage a full page a couple of times as well. We tried doing some of the first Explode the Code book, but I'm not sure that he's really ready for the amount of writing involved on some of the pages, so we may drop it for a few months. He learned to write the letters E through H in both upper and lowercase forms and did a couple of days of reviewing previous letters as well. For read alouds, we finished Surprise Island and moved onto the third book in the Boxcar children series, The Yellow House Mystery by Warner.

We've also continued our daily Bible reading covering from the boy Samuel through the anointing of David as king.

Math is still fairly simple: reviews of skip counting and one or two pages of Miquon Orange per day. His favorite page was the dot to dot pictured. There were also some patterning pages and pages of counting and writing numbers. He continues to enjoy his critical thinking books, and science has been a big hit. Over the past two weeks, we've read about polar bears, predator and prey, snowy owls, wolverines, beavers, and wolves.

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