Friday, January 3, 2014

Weeks 14-17 Upper

Jessie's 9th Grade

GEOMETRY: Jessie completed chapter 6 and scored another A. After a couple of weeks on quadrilaterals in chapter 7, she received a high B on that test and moved on to chapter 8 covering reflections, rotations, and translations. She made it through all of the new material in the chapter and will start with the review sets after Christmas.

ENGLISH: In R&S, she completed chapter 5 on word usage, scored a perfect 100 on her test, completed chapter 6 on the argumentative essay with another perfect test, and worked part of the way through chapter 7 on substantives. She also did very well on her vocabulary tests for lessons 41 to 44. She continued working through the lesson on the argumentative essay in Herodotus and the overlap in topics with grammar made it difficult to get all of the work done. Nonetheless she completed most of the work for weeks 14 to 16. We'll take a catch up week after break.

GREAT BOOKS: She finished her essay on The Iliad and began reading Homer's The Odyssey supplemented by the Vandiver lectures from Teaching Company. Since we took a break earlier and I couldn't renew the lectures from the library, she finished up the reading and lectures on Monday, Thursday, and Friday of Christmas week.

SPANISH: Jessie covered lesson 12 to 15 over the four week span. Vocabulary topics included more -ar verbs and words related to shopping, print materials, and Christmas. Her grammar covered the conjugation of -er and -ir verbs as well as irregular verbs like ir, dar, ver, and venir. She also learned some constructions with infinitives, the present progressive, and direct object pronouns..

LATIN: She finished chapter 23 and all the book work for chapter 24. I had hoped that she could get the quiz in before break, but with the push to finish the Odyssey it was pushed back to January..

HISTORY: Jessie continued learning about ancient Greece covering 4 more lectures from Nobel and more Spielvogel..

SCIENCE: Somewhere in this block, she finally finished chapter 5. I'm going to lighten her English load after break to have more time for her other subjects especially science..

MUSIC APPRECIATION: She's listened to 4 more lectures which have moved on from Bach to Mendelssohn and Handel as well as 2 CDs from each composer..

Violet's 7th Grade.

MATH: Violet finished the Lials' chapter on decimals and switch back to NEM. She completed chapters 2 and 3 on fractions, decimals, and word problems and began working with real numbers in chapter 4 before Christmas break..

LANGUAGE ARTS: She completed the first Caesar's English book. In R&S she finished the 4th and 5th chapters on verbs and began working on pronouns. By break she was at the end of the 4th unit's theory section in CW and had finished reading both White Fang by London as well as The Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien. She wrote a book report for London's book and will start off the new year with a book report on Tolkien..

LANGUAGES: She breezed through chapter 12 covering uses of the genitive case, covered chapter 13 on the imperfect and future tenses of the third conjugation, completed the third unit, and reviewed third declension i-stem in chapter 14. She didn't do well on her chapter 13 quiz with a lot of mistakes especially in the vocabulary area, so she'll work on studying vocabulary before retaking the quiz after break. She completed four more Greek lessons on personal pronouns and conjunctions.

HISTORY: Violet continued studying Greece covering chapters 6 to 30 of Guerber covering the Minoans, Mycenaens, Sparta, the Messenian wars, and early Athens. Additional reading included In Search of Knosses and In Search of Troy by Caselli. As always there was a combination of outlines from the encyclopedia, summaries, and 2-3 paragraph essays.

SCIENCE: She completed chapters 11 and 12 covering protists, fungi, and plant structure and also started chapter 13 on plant processes. We'll work on adding labs back in regularly after break.

FINE ARTS: Art is in a separate post. She took most of the weeks off from music.

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