Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weeks 10-13 LG:

Benny's 4th Grade:

MATH: Benny completed the section on fractions, the corresponding IP section, and some general review before beginning a section on tables and graphs in the textbook. He also completed the first section in the CWP 4 book and most of the second.

CRITICAL THINKING: He continued working through Building Thinking Skills 2 at a pace of 6 pages per week, finished the Mind Benders A3 book, and worked his way through the beginner level puzzles of Rush Hour.

ENGLISH: He completed 4 lessons of SWO D and part of lesson 9. In grammar, he finished the chapter on nouns and moved on to the verb chapter. In literature, he finished reading The Twenty-One Balloons by DuBois and began Gentle Ben by Morey. In CW Aesop, he rewrote "The Boy Bathing", analyzed and narrated "The Shepherd and the Wolf", and did the analysis part of "The Eagle and the Fox." He also completed regular copywork, dictation, and reading aloud. Reading together, we finished The Golden Goblet and began The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles by Collum.

LATIN: He spent two weeks on chapter 10 of LfC A. We spent most of the extra time catching on memorizing vocabulary and grammar chants and added a daily time of Latin memory work to our schedule. The he began learning about Latin adjectives in lessons 11 and 12.

HISTORY: In history, we covered ancient Africa, the Middle Kingom and New Kingdom of Egypt, the Israelites, and the Phoenicians reading chapters 11 to 15 of SOTW 1. Additional reading included Egypt in Spectacular Cross-section by Biesty and Tut's Mummy Lost and Found by Donnelly. Other than the map work, he chose to skip the hands on activities although we did draw an Egyptian pharaoh and a Phoenician ship.

SCIENCE: In science, we complete lesson 6 on primates and read about mice, squirrels, beavers, hedgehogs, shrews, rabbits, and colugos in chapter 7.

OTHER: Our piano was a little hit and miss during this month as was our memory work, but we made a little progress.

HENRY'S K: Henry worked though all the Phonics Pathways lessons covering 3 letter words. Then we took a break and read through the A1 set of Bob books. In literature, we finished reading The Boxcar Children and began Charlotte's Web. I believe most of our Bible readings for this time came from the book of Exodus. Any math, writing, or Kumon was fairly sporadic.

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