Friday, January 3, 2014

Weeks 14-17 LG:

Benny's 4th Grade

MATH: Benny completed the textbook and corresponding IP sections on tables and graphs, perpendicular and parallel lines, and angles as well as most of the textbook section on area and perimeter before we stopped for Christmas break this year. He also wroked through 3 different sections in the CWP 4 book.

CRITICAL THINKING: He started the MindBenders A4 book, continued his BTS work, and worked on the intermediate level Rush Hour puzzles. He got stuck on one or two, so we used the directions to solve the board, reset the pieces, and tried a second time without the directions.

ENGLISH: He completed 6 SWO E lessons by doing a few pages the week of Thanksgiving and doubling up one day to get finish lesson 15 before break. In grammar he completed chapters 4 & 5 of R&S 4 both covering verbs. He completed Gentle Ben literature and began reading through Osbourne's 6 book series covering the Odyssey. He ended up most of the way through the 4th book. His writing for CW Aesop included narrating "The Eagle and the Fox" as well as analyzing and rewriting "The Cock in the Fox". I then gave him the 4th week off, so he wasn't splitting a fable over the break. He also did copywork 5 days a week and dictation 3 days a week. For reading aloud to me, we began using the short stories in the first Reading Detective workbook on days where we didn't have a new CW model. We managed to make it most of the way through Collum's book about the Golden Fleece but will have a few chapters to finish after the holidays.

LATIN: He zipped through the chapter 13 review as well as chapters 14-16 covering 2nd conjugation verbs, sentence patterns, and the imperfect tense.

HISTORY: In history we covered the Assyrian, Babylonian, Minoan, and Mycenaen civilization using chapters 16 to 19 of SOTW. We also read the first section of chapter 20 covering Homer. Additional reading included The Seven Voyages of Sinbad teh Sailor by Riordan, Theseus and the Minotaur by Fisher, and Atlantis: the Lost City by Donkin. Other than the map work, the only hands on was to write his name in Greek. He did draw the Trojan horse one week for art.

SCIENCE: We finished chapter 7 covering platypuses, echidnas, sloths, anteaters, armadillos, and aardvarks. We also completed lesson 8 reading about elephants, wooly mammoths, mastodons, horses, donkeys, zebras, rhinos, and tapirs. Before break, we made it through part of lesson 9 on cows, antelopes, gazelles, impalas, wildebeests, bison, buffalo, caprines, camels, and deer.

OTHER: We were more consistent with both piano and memory work. YEAH!


After encountering our first four letter work in one of A2 series Bob books, Benny and I spent some time working on blending a three letter word together without sounding it out first using some of the review pages in Phonics Pathways that we had previously covered. We also started the first page of the 4 letter work section before break. For read aloud, we finished Charlotte's Web and began reading Surprise Island by Warner. The rest of his school time was more relaxed, and we did as much or as little as we felt like. I decided to take some time over Christmas break to write out some more intentional plans for the new year. The picture showh on the left was completed completely by Henry. He called the bottom part a fire with some strips of meat roasting over top under some round stars in the sky. I love seeing how creative he can be at times.

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