Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weeks 10-13 Upper

Jessie's 9th Grade

GEOMETRY: Jessie scored a solid A on her chapter 4 test and continued working with triangles for chapter 5. After another solid A on the chapter 5 test, she moved on to chapter 6 covering parallel lines, the associated angle theory when parallel lines are cut by a transverse, and perpendicular lines.

ENGLISH: In R&S she completed chapter 4, tested well, and worked most of the way through chapter 5 on word usage. Her vocabulary scores remain high. She completed quizzes for lessons 38 to 40 and a cumulative review. She spent three weeks completing the 3 unit of CW Herodotus and finally began working on the fourth unit covering the argumentative essay.

GREAT BOOKS: We took a brief two week break from Great Books to give her a chance to work through the argumentative essay section of R&S. Then we worked slowly to choose a thesis and create and outline.

SPANISH: She completed lessons 8 through 11 with vocabulary on numbers, telling time, -ar verbs, and music . Grammar lessons included conjugation and use of the verbs tener, ser, and regular -ar verbs . She also studied definite articles, possessive adjectives, indefinite articles, and adjectives of quantity..

LATIN: She spent a week on the Unit 5 Reading and test, and then we backed up to reinforce some of the grammar topics and had her retest before moving on to chapter 23..

HISTORY: She covered three lectures from The Foundations of Western Civilization and read the corresponding Western Civilization pages. This completed the history related to the Near East civilization and moved her on to a study of ancient Greece. All of her reading in The History of the Ancient World was related directly to these topics as well covering chapters 52, 54-55, 57-59, and 63 before backing up to pick up the chapters on Greece covering 24, 31, 35, 40, and 46..

SCIENCE: We're finding the beginning cellular sections of BJU to be a bit of a slog. She's working on it her and there and it's progressing, but we're going to end up finishing in the summer I'm certain..

MUSIC APPRECIATION: She continued listening to lectures on the Baroque period and has listened to 5 different CDs by Bach..

Violet's 7th Grade.

MATH: Violet completed chapter 4 in Lials covering signed integers and fractions and worked through most of chapter 5 on decimals..

LANGUAGE ARTS: In Caesar's English, Violet finished lesson 12 through part of lesson 16. In R&S, she finished chapter 3 on nouns, took the chapter test, and began working on verbs in chapter 4. She progressed steadily through the theory section of the 3rd unit and into the analysis section as well as moved on from the 2nd writing project to the 3rd. In literature, she began reading White Fang by London..

LANGUAGES: In Latin Alive 1, she completed chapters 10 and 11 and also started chapter 12. She reviewed the third declension and had some new grammar on uses of the ablative and accusative. In EG 2, she completed chapters 10 to 13, learned how to decline the, worked on making negative statements, and memorized the 1st person personal pronouns..

HISTORY: Violet also finished up with the Near East and moved on to Greece during the four week block. She wrote summaries on Ramses, the decline of Egypt, the Assyrians, Deucalion, and Greek religion. She completed at least one outline a week, generally using Usborne's Encyclopedia of the Ancient World, as well as a chart of early Greek explorers. There were also three paragraph essays on Nebuchadnezzar and the Phoenicians. Her reading included part of Payne's The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, The Phoenicians by Odjik, part of Assyrians by Landau, a chapter from Babylonians by Landau, and the first five chapters of Guerber's The Story of the Greeks.

SCIENCE: Violet completed chapters 9 and 10 Biblical creationism and biological evolution.

FINE ARTS: Her art is in the Creative Corner posts. She continued working through the instrument book on her own.

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