Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 36: Just a Little Bit More

Jessie's 7th Grade
  • Jessie completed the textbook lessons, challenge, and problem solving sets in chapter 7 of NEM1. The plan for finishing out the year is to completed the review that follows chapter 7 and all of chapter 8 which means we will not be doing the final geometry related chapters of NEM.
  • For CW, she finished unit 2 of Intermediate Poetry and began unit three on figures of speech.  It quickly reviewed terms from last year and then moved on to alliteration.  It was neat that their example of Old English alliterative poetry was a portion of Tolkien's translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, which we finished last week in Omnibus.
  • We began The Divine Comedy:  Inferno by Dante and Shakespeare's Richard III for Omnibus.
  • She also completed her final lessons in Latin Alive 1.  I just need to check her work and review any errors with her.
Violet's 5th Grade
  • Violet finished up the IP section on volume in Singapore leaving just the year end review in the main text. She's a little further behind in her CWP book but we're combining lessons to finish up.
  • She finished her last to spelling chapters in SWO G. 
  • For writing, I want to spend the summer working on her summarizing and outlining skills, so I've had her complete the first five lessons in WWS 1.  She just needs more focused practice in picking out the important details.
  • She finished up White's The Sword in the Stone as her final literature book for the year.  The Disney movie version was a huge hit with all of the kids Tuesday night while I went to a vbs meeting.
  • She has been working for hours on that final vocabulary crossword for the LfC activity book.  Hopefully she'll finish the last of it on Monday.

Benny's 2nd Grade
  • Benny has been working with grids in his Miquon book. In Singapore, he's working with geometric shapes.
  • He's still doing some cursive copywork.
  • He finished reading Owls in the Family and also read Billy and Blaze to me this week.  I finished reading him The Wizard of Oz, and I'm hoping the DVD of the movie will be ready to pick up on Saturday when we go.

This week we focused on inventors.  The girls covered John Deere, Cyrus McCormick, Samuel Morse, and Robert Fulton using Pioneer Plowmaker by Collins, Cyrus McCormick and the Mechanical Reaper by Aldrich, Robert Fulton by Henry, A Head Full of Notions by Bowen, and Samuel F.B. Morse by Latham.  Benny and I covered the latter two as well as James Watt using the same Henry and Latham books as well as the first half of Watt Got You Started, Mr. Fulton? by Quackenbush.

    Jessie finished up her last lesson in BJU Life Science on Friday.  Next week, we'll go back and hit a couple of missed labs before calling it done for the year.

    It's been too nice outside for me to be able to interest Benny in assembling his ocean box.  I told him it had to get done the beginning of next week (which coincidentally will be too hot to be outside anyway.)

    Henry's Corner

    Henry and I continue to read together daily. We're not making a lot of progress with letters and numbers. I think we're going to change things up and restart after vbs in a few weeks. That gives me a couple of weeks to figure out a new strategy for him.

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    Gillian said...

    Wow - you're almost there! I agree about taking a break and then changing things up a bit too. Looks like a good week - as always, I am impressed with what you get done!