Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Spy in Williamsburg - Book 13 of 52 in 52

A Spy in Williamsburg  by Isabelle Lawrence is an excellent piece of historical fiction set in Williamburg, Virginia, in the time just before the American Revolution.  The Budge family is struggling to establish their blacksmith shop in the bustling town; so as a means of additional income, they rent a room to Patrick Henry, who warns them to be careful of spies that have already once rummaged through his belongings looking for information on the patriots.  The oldest son, Ben takes the warning to heart but discovers that identifying a spy is not as easy as he thought.  When the Virginia governor arranges to have the militia's gunpowder stolen, Ben is shocked to finally discover the identity of the traitor.  Can he put all of the clues that he learned along the way to use in stopping the governor's new plan to blow up the militia's gunpowder?

While this is an older book and currently out of print, it is definitely an excellent read for ages 10 and up or a read aloud for younger kids.  It was one of my favorite selections of historical fiction for early American history with the girls, and I was glad to enjoy it again with my oldest son.

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