Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 35: Almost wrapped up

Jessie's 7th Grade
  • Jessie started chapter 7 in NEM1.
  • For LA, she finished her last grammar assignments for the year and completed most of the second unit in CW Intermediate Poetry.  We also completed our discussions of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Henry V for Omnibus.
  • In Latin, she completed chapter 29 of Latin Alive leaving only the final unit reading for next week.
  • She is also almost done with science after testing for chapter 26 and getting started with the final chapter of BJU Life Science.
Violet's 5th Grade
  • Violet finished up the section on tessellations in Singapore's workbook and IP this week.
  • She completed another week of spelling and read about 10 chapters in White The Sword in the Stone for literature.
  • In LfC, she finished up her primer and continued to make steady progress on the mega end of the year crossword from the activity book.
Benny's 2nd Grade
  • Benny began working with picture graphs in Singapore this week and is nearing the end of his Miquon book.
  • He finished up his last spelling lesson for the year on Tuesday and continued practicing his cursive with copywork each day.
  • He is still reading aloud Owls in the Family to me and listening to The Wizard of Oz for literature.

This week we covered the War of 1812.  Jessie and Violet read selected chapters from Guerber's The Story of the Great Republic, James Madison by Clinton, and Francis Scott Key:  Poet and Patriot by Patterson.  Benny and I read James and Dolly Madison and Their Times by Quackenbush, the same Key book as the girls, Star-Spangled Banner by Spier, Flag Maker by Bartoletti, An American Army of Two by Greeson, and Battle for St. Michaels by McCully.  Jessie put together her notebook page, but I didn't get the summaries for the other two typed up.


Henry and I did our regular reading at the beginning of the week until he had new birthday presents that were more interesting than my reading.  I think he's gotten everyone except DH with his water gun already and tried out 80% of his toys.  It made for an easy week for me because he was too busy with his new toys to get into to much mischief.  (I have no idea why he is tying that wheel to the rocking chair.)

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Mary said...

What a great fun filled week. When we learned about the Star Spangled Banner, we sang our hearts out. I am pretty sure we chased away all the neighbors and all stray animals, but it was fun!