Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Rough Start to the New Year...

I was hoping to get started with a new budget for the new year. It looked so nice on paper. Then Henry broke the Brita pitcher and the coffee pot stopped working. I have to pay for some body work on the van at the end of the month. DH has hurt his back again, so that means another round of copays for the chiropractor and regular physician. To top it off, the kitchen cabinet where we keep our school books came apart. DH says there was too much stuff and too much weight. Now he wants me to find a new cabinet to hold the school books. In the mean time they are sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor. Needless to say my budget categories are going to end up anywhere near where they started. Maybe I'll just spend a few months tracking expenses and looking for areas where we can cut back that way.

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