Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals for the new year

Time to evaluate my goals from last year. I think the overall goal for this year will be more consistency.

  • Improve my eating habits by:
  1. Drinking more water and less caffeine free Pepsi - I do great in spurts. Need to work on consistency.
  2. Having a least one fruit or vegetable with every meal or snack - The set menu worked well last year, but I let it slide towards the end of the year. Just need to pick back up again.
  3. Using my bread machine to make more homemade bread - I went through a couple of spurts during the year. I picked back up over the holidays using it to make various dinner rolls.
  4. Eliminating soy from my diet - Almost completely eliminated except for the occasional convenience food buy.
  • Becoming more active as best as I can for the first half of the year and reestablishing a more consistent exercise program for the second half of the year. - I started off well last year, but didn't follow through. Another area needing consistency.
  • Remember my daily vitamin - I did better this year, but there's still room for improvement in consistency.
  • Spend time daily on a more consistent basis in reading my Bible and praying - I made some improvements last year. Still need to improve on consistency.
  • Try to read through the entire Bible (whether I can stay on the daily schedule or have to finish up next year) - I kept losing track last year. Trying again.
  • Try to spend some non-school quality time with each of my children individually twice a week - My focus for the beginning of the year is to spend more time with them in the kitchen. I want to get back to a game night as well.
  • Spend more time in the evening with DH - Currently I'm having a hard time getting Henry to sleep. As we work on that, the time will come.
  • Put together the crocheted squares for Violet's blanket that have been sitting in a bag for over a year. - I did get a few rows assembled last year. I just need to keep working on it as I find time.
  • Organize Henry's room - I have the baby part organized as best I can. When finances permit, we still need to purchase some furniture. I'd like to get Benny a larger bookshelf and move his into Henry's room.
  • Establish a system to manage my digital photos so that they get edited and uploaded in a timely manner. Go back through older photos and get caught up with my backlog. The photos are organized now. Need to work on consistency of downloading and editing beyond what goes on the blog.
  • Should I achieve the previous goal before year end, I'd like to start working on the boxes of photos I have stored from before we started taking digital photos. The end goal being some scrapbooks that the kids and I can look through together. On my want to do projects list. We'll see.
  • Improve the consistency with which chores get done around the house both by myself and by the kids. We have really slid backwards in this area since mid year. My fault, not the kids. I think we'll try to ease back into it this year.
New goals for 2010
  • Work on my own education. As part of my book challenge, I'll read through as many of the Great Books in the Rhetoric as I can starting with the Iliad. One a month would be superb, 10 in the year great, even just one a good start.
  • Complete my new book reading challenge.
  • More decluttering and organizing.
  • Revise my current cleaning system to include more help from the kids and free up more time for other activities.
  • Of course - finding and setting up a new school cabinet as well

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