Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lesson Plans: Latin for Children B

I finally received my history reader for Latin so I could finish up the lesson plans for next year. My plan is to basically follow the suggested schedule available from Classical Academic Press as I did last year with one change. This year we're going to start the Primer on Monday instead of waiting until Tuesday. We had a few long Tuesdays and Wednesdays last year, so I'm trying to distribute the workload a little more evenly. The schedule includes the primer, DVDs, activity book, history reader, and additional free resources available on the website. For the tests on Friday, I follow the recommendations to reuse the quiz in the primer that is completed on Thursday for the test Friday. I personally retype the quizzes in Word because I like to change the vocabulary section so that only the first principal part is listed and add in a second column for Jessie to write in the remaining Latin parts before translating. If I get in a time crunch, I may just photocopy a few of the pages ahead of time and use them as the test instead. My plan is to create multiple choice tests for the review chapters. (I'm a little bummed there were none included in the free resources.) If I run into time constraints, then we'll just use the flashcards and do an oral quiz of the vocabulary. As always I'll post a link in the right hand column to download the schedule for anyone who might find it useful.

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