Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lesson Plans: CW Homer A

I spent a lot of time playing around with CW Aesop the past two years with Jessie. Using the student workbook the first year didn't work for us because we were just plugging along filling in the blanks instead of really focusing on the information in the core book. The second year, we really emphasized the writing component of the program and dropped the analysis section altogether.

Now that we're getting ready to start CW Homer, I really want to try putting the entire program together and running it as it was designed. I didn't get the accompanying student books because I was afraid of repeating the mistakes from our first year of Aesop. Instead we're using basically the first 20 weeks of the schedule in the back of the book for younger students. I actually went ahead and downloaded the models from Lulu (at $0.95 who can go wrong). I substituted two models in week 17 where I just really didn't like the selection and week 20 because we rewrote Rapuzel last year. It actually turned out to be easier than I thought. I love how the core guide is divided up into skill levels

I made an overview chart just like the one in the back of the book to get started.

Then I broke the information into weekly tables and added in the corresponding pages in the guides where each skill is found leaving myself plenty of room to take notes as we go along. Now hopefully, I just need to do some reading before we start, jot in a few notes, and we'll be on our way.

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