Thursday, March 27, 2008

Week 29: Combining 2 partial weeks...

I didn't post a week in review last week because we cut the week short to start our spring break. Last Friday and Monday, the girls both completed their annual standardized tests and spent lots of extra time cleaning the house to make everything toddler-proof for my 1yo niece to visit. Other than that, they had a 5 day break from school to enjoy their birthdays, playing with my sister and her family, and even a few days of beautiful outside weather. Here's what we accomplished on our actual school days the past two weeks.

Not much to report here. Jessie is working steadily through the Singapore section on area and perimeter (on the left). I believe she has one more lesson in her IP book next week before we move on. With all of her extra lessons over the past couple of weeks, she should easily be finished with math by the beginning of May. Violet has finished the section on weight and done a few review exercises this week in Singapore. She's struggled a bit in the fractions section of Miquon mainly because she wasn't using her rods. We spent most of our time working together on math going over the Miquon exercises. I know we'll come back to fractions several more times in both books so really the only concept I care that she understands at this point is that the denominator tells you how many pieces to divide something into and the numerator tells you how many of those pieces you are counting.


Both girls have finished memorizing our latest poem, A Child's Prayer, this week as well as Psalm 1 for our Bible memory so we'll be ready to start some new memory work next week. Spelling is going well for both girls and should be finished up in the next couple of weeks. Jessie's dictation is still cruising along. We didn't manage to finish our CW writing assignment this week so that will have to be carried over into next week. (This is my fault for not remembering to do the work in the new time slot where I moved it a couple of weeks ago.) No literature again this week either. Now that swimming is over for a few weeks and our company is gone, we'll pick back up next week.


For geography, we finished booklets for Oregon and Pennsylvania (although I forgot to take picture of them). For history we covered our first week on the French and Indian war. We did make a map showing who claimed what land at the start of the war. I'll post pictures next week when we've finished our second map, our time lines, and booklets. We also took a day to read about James Cook and the discovery of Hawaii, which is why some of our hands on work didn't get done. It's a little out of order, but the ILL book had to be returned so we skipped ahead. In science we have finished lesson 5 about types of nests. Our booklet on the left simply contains flaps naming the different types of nests with pictures I found on google underneath.


No formal art just lots of coloring with the new pens they received for their birthdays. For music, they listened to Mozart's Magnificent Voyage by Classical Kids one afternoon while they were playing.


Benny's preschool is still going well. In letters, he is up to Uu. We played some different games with his new magnetic alphabetic letters. (See a couple of posts below for the new games we're playing and a review of the letters.) For numbers, it's been very light. A little dot to dot, a bit of counting, some how many fingers, and a day where we actually did some counting and then circled the correct number on the drawing board (pictured on the right). He also did several Kumon cutting pages, and a few mazes this week.

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Looks like a great week, thanks for sharing.