Thursday, March 6, 2008

Catching up on planning, 2nd status check

Well, February has come and gone, and I'm still working on this year's lessons. I've made some good progress, so I'm hoping to completey finish by the end of March. Here's where we stand currently.

All booklets are now printed. Still need to assemble Nevada through Wyoming.
All booklets are now printed and assembled.
Determine how big the lapbook bases need to be and assemble.

I've played around with a couple of different bases. I just need to pick one and put them together.

Preread and choose books for topics 33 to 51.
Prereading complete through topic 38.
Currently working on prereading topic 39.
Still need to preread topics 40 to 51.
Schedule books from topics 29-51.
Books scheduled through topic 37.
Still need to schedule topics 38 to 51.
Choose and print timeline figures and booklet figures for this week through the end of the year.
HTTA timeline figures printed for remainder of the year.
Still need to choose booklet figures for the remainder of the year.
Plan out and print map work for remainder of the year.
Still need to complete. No progress here.

Read from chapter 5 to the end taking notes.
Completed notes for chapters 5-9.
Notes for chapters 10 to end still need to be completed.
Create booklets for chapters 4 to end.
Booklets created for chapter 4.
Have rough draft of booklets for 5-8 on paper. Need to type up.
Need to create booklets for lessons 9 to the end.
Print booklets for lessons 3 to the end.
Lessons 3 and 4 printed. Awaiting completion of remaining booklets for more printing.

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