Monday, March 3, 2008

Coping with an overloaded week

Normally, I prioritize school first and work it in around any other projects, appointments, activities, etc. This week, however, I'm feeling a bit overloaded. Beyond the normal school and housework, I have the following on my list of things to do:

1. Finish and mail the taxes. I've done my preliminary quick run through them. I need to go back and double check my figures and make sure I haven't missed or taken any deduction that I shouldn't have.
2. 3 hour glucose test Wednesday morning.
3. Regular OB appointment Friday just before lunch. (I'll have to take the kids this time.)
4. It's birthday season. If Jessie and Violet are to have the birthday parties that they want, I need to settle on themes, date and time, and make and mail invitations out.

To top it off, I spent so much time working on taxes and history pre-reading last week that I haven't made the science booklet for lesson 5 yet.

So in deference to my sanity, I've decided to drop a few things this week from school. The plan is to drop history for the week. Today, we spent the time reading a literature selection instead. Friday, if we're not rushed, we can assemble our history booklets into a lapbook. For science, we'll drop Apologia for the week and just read from the Burgess book. I'm sure we'll skip art. Music will be optional, if the kids want to listen to the tape one afternoon. I think we can accomplish the rest of the school work. I made a menu plan for the week to make dinner easier on Tuesday and Thursday after swim lessons. Some of the housework may get pushed back to Saturday. We'll see how it goes.

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