Friday, March 7, 2008

Week 27: We survived....

and actually accomplished a little bit more than I had expected in some areas. Jessie was a little bit disappointed that we didn't do science or history. Violet was perfectly happy with the extra free time. Benny loved having more play time with his sisters. I made a lot of progress on science planning on my morning out for my 3 hour glucose test, and the taxes went in the mail this morning. Yeah!! If you notice less pictures, it's because DH borrowed the camera last weekend and forgot to bring it back in from the truck for the first half of the week. Here's what we did:

Language Arts:

Jessie is almost finished memorizing A Child's Prayer and will probably be ready to move on next week. A couple of days during dictation she actually suggested we do one more sentence than I had planned. (Maybe I should let her plan what to use for dictation next year instead of doing it myself). We struggled a bit at our second attempt at amplifying the dialogue for CW this week but managed to agree on a few changes. Jessie is so used to (and comfortable with) simply retelling the facts that using her imagination to elaborate on a story is starting as an uphill battle. We'll make a few changes for the next lesson and see if that helps or not.
Violet is about 2/3 of the way through the poem. Spelling and writing are going well. We're still working on slowing down and speaking up during her read aloud time with me, but I'm quite happy with the progress that she has made this year in her reading ability.

It was actually in math that we made the most progress this week. The girls were both zooming through their books so fast that I gave them both extra lessons. Jessie ended up completing about 2 weeks of work zipping through the section on time in Singapore and finishing up the section on graphs in Miquon. Violet did about 1 1/2 weeks worth of work to finish up section 2 on addition and subtraction with renaming. She struggled a little bit with a few of the problems in the IP section, but I'm not concerned because those are the very same problems that gave Jessie trouble when she was at this point. In Time and Money she's up to dollar bills now and doing quite well. We may actually finish all of our math before the baby arrives which would be nice.

Geography / History / Science:

Basically we took the week off. The girls did complete booklets for North Carolina and North Dakota. We did read 3 chapters in The Burgess Bird Book for Children for science on Tuesday. No history or Apologia this week.

Music / Art were not done this week.

Benny's Preschool:

Benny's had a great week with preschool. For letters we added Pp, Qq, and Rr this week. (I'm beginning to suspect the girls have been teaching him more letters when I wasn't looking.) He loves his new letter magnets. I'll write some more about them and how we're using them in the next post. We didn't do much with numbers this week just a bit of counting here and there. He did lots of Kumon instead. We have a new maze book that he has started. He did several cutting pages another day, and finished off his Kumon coloring book.


Daisy said...

Sounds like a great week. I'd be thrilled to be zooming ahead in math. Seems like math is what we always wind up "behind in". Sometimes a week off from history and science is just what is needed to refocus (and get stuff done around the house. lol).

Karen said...

Looks like you had a great week and you accomplished a lot. It is nice when the kids miss subjects. It really shows that they enjoy them.