Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Unusual Evening Meal

Monday evening for dinner I fixed venison steaks (for DH), broccoli, and an apple and orange fruit salad (for the kids). I expected the kids to ask for seconds of fruit salad and that it would be eaten up. I also felt certain that there was enough steak and broccoli cooked up for me to eat leftovers for lunch the following day. Dinner was quieter and more pleasant than usual. I had barely gotten started on my plate when Violet polished off the last few bites on her plate and requested bread with butter. A few minutes later, Benny finished up and put in his nightly request for bread and butter. I was just glad that they had both eaten without any complaining or prodding on the part of DH or me. Then things took an unexpected turn.

BENNY: "May I please have some more steak?"
ME: "I'll get it for you in just a minute. Let me finish eating."
BENNY: "And some more broccoli, too?"

BROCCOLI!?! I'm quite sure that the look of surprise on my face was obvious. No one in this house has ever asked for seconds of broccoli. I couldn't have heard that right....

ME: "Did you say that you wanted more steak AND more broccoli?"

I actually reached over and checked his forehead to see if he was running a fever. No. Temperature feels normal.

ME: "Are you sure you're my Benny? My Benny never asks for more broccoli."

The kids all giggle at the joke. I walk over to the counter and started getting Benny's seconds. I'm just starting to cut the meat when Violet pipes up.

VIOLET: "Mom, can I have some more steak and broccoli too please?"

BROCCOLI!?! AGAIN!?! I set the knife down, turned around, and just looked at her for a minute.

ME: "You want more steak and more broccoli too?"
VIOLET: "Yes please."

I look over at DH, who is trying very hard not to laugh out loud at this point.

ME: "Now I know I'm in the wrong house."

Everyone starts to giggle. And yes, just in case you're wondering, they ate every bit of the seconds that I gave them including an additional helping of fruit salad. So much for leftovers. I still have no idea why they were so hungry. They had their normal lunch and snack. Really they did.

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my5wolfcubs said...

That definitely falls under "precious memories!" Hope you find something for lunch now... :)