Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Making science more interesting

Although my girls have been enthusiastic about the booklets I created Zoology 1, they would probably both admit that the text itself is a bit dry. So to make science a bit more interesting this morning, I decided to try a different tact. We shortened the lesson from the Apologia book and spent the remaining time reading The Burgess Bird Book for Children (Yesterday's Classics). It is also available free online at Mainlesson.

Then results: drum roll please

I actually found a science book that they enjoy!! YEAH!!! Since we are already mostly through the bird section of Apologia, we read 3 chapters today. In chapter one alone, there were references to migration and camoflauge for science. As an added bonus, we talked about how the wrens did everything with all their might and how we too should always try to do our best. Then we pulled out our field guide and looked to see which of the birds mentioned in our reading were found in our area. Through Ambleside Online, I found a few more interesting links. For more information about the birds mentioned organized by chapter you can go here. They also have links to an online site to listen to bird songs and calls and some free coloring pages including this printable coloring book for common feeding birds with questions to answer regarding color, shape, size, and similarities or differences between males and females.

I don't think we'll drop the Apologia text at this point just slow down the lesson pace a bit. Next time around when Benny is a bit older, I believe I will start with the Burgess book as my basis and add in information from Apologia or various library books to expand on some of the topics being introduced. Now, if only I can find something similar to go along with the section on insects....

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