Monday, February 4, 2008

I love getting boxes!!

If asked, why I order so many things online, I would probably say that I can usually get a better price or that it's easier to find exactly what I want than going to a store. Truthfully, I think it probably has more to do with getting boxes in the mail. It's like having several mini birthdays in a year. First, I find just what I'm looking for online at a good price. Then there is the building of anticipation as I wonder if my order will come today. Finally, it arrives. Even though I know what is in the box, it's still just as fun as opening a present (sometimes even more so because I don't have wonder where in the world I'm going to put it).

So far from the WTM sale and swap board, I've received Classical Writing: Poetry for Beginners, and am waiting on Classical Writing Homer, probably the end of the week. As a bonus, I also realized recently that we still hadn't spent the visa gift card money that my sister and her husband gave us 2 years ago. Today, I received my order from Pierson learning with the last 3 Spelling Workout books. Now if I could just figure out how to spend the remaining money at RR without going over my $61.21 balance.

The hardest part is keeping myself from sitting down to read the CW Poetry book. It looks great. (I'm wondering if we should do the poetry at the end of next year before starting Homer in 5th or stick with my original plan and do half of Homer next year with Poetry at the beginning of 5th.) At any rate, I keep telling myself I need to finish planning this year first. Hmm. Maybe should I go take notes on the next Apologia chapter or cut out some more geography booklets?

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