Monday, February 18, 2008

Our new game folder

Basically, I took a regular file folder and glued on 2 top-loading sheet protectors with Tacky glue for our base. This way we can use dry erase markers on our same base and just change out what is in the sheet protectors for different games. For our first game, I put a US state map on top and a list of the 50 states on the bottom. I numbered the states that we have learned so far on the map, and then asked the girls to write the numbers on the bottom using dry erase markers. Jessie thought it was fun. She got all but two of them without help. Violet answered about half of them correctly and then had to pull out a reference map for the rest. I think Wednesday or Thursday we'll try reversing the game. I'll write different colored shapes down beside the names and let the girls place them on the map. I know it's not a very creative game to start off, but I figure we can work on something more fun like diffreent versions of Bingo or something else simple as we go along.


Tonia said...

Thanks for sharing this idea! I will put this in my idea file. Thank you!

LLLAcademy said...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas your share on your blog. I've already adapted and used your geography ideas. I plan to use some of your bird ideas when we study birds. Your latest geography game will go great with our adaption of your geography plan.