Saturday, December 15, 2007

Week 16: Getting Back into the Swing

eWe didn't finish everything on my list this week, but we are making progress in getting back up to speed.

Jessie finally finished working though the section on length, and has started the section on weight (on the left). So far so good with the metric units. We'll see what happens next week when we get to pounds and ounces. She's getting a good multiplication review in Miquon. Violet is steadily working her way through CWP1. She didn't make more than two calculation errors any day last week. We have had to go back and rewrite some number sentences to make the answer come after the equals sign even though the actual calculations were correct. She seems to like placing the answer in the middle of the problem. (16 / what = 8) On the right is a page from her Time and Money workbook that she does on Fridays.

Spelling is going fine for both girls. We played grammar catchup with Jessie this week. We did several lessons of Rod and Staff together so I could see if she was actually learning anything or not. Most of the work we did orally, but I did have her do the work Friday (on the left) on her own. I'm not quite sure why it was written on the back of a sudoku puzzle, but at least it was correct. We also spent some extra time with the story of Alexander and Bucephalus making sure we were caught up with the grammar concepts in CW as well. I'm happy to see that some of the grammar is starting to sink in. We also made a few changes in Jessie's handwriting this week. I had her do dictation two of the days. On Friday, I showed her a sentence to copy from CW and told her that she had to write it in cursive. Violet ended up copying the first verse of Away in a Manger (on the right) part of the week because I had forgotten to write anything in her copybook and that was the first thing that popped into my head. The hardest part was getting her to stop singing long enough to do the actually copying.

We finished most of the Kansas booklet this week. I need to buy another color ink cartridge to print out the flag sticker and actually finish the book. We aren't too far behind in geography. We'll just have to do 2 booklets a week for the next couple of weeks to catch up. We are definitely behind in history and only fit in two days of work this week. We read about the colonies of New Amsterdam and Maryland. I'm planning to do Friday's booklets and lapbooks on Monday. (I was going to do them this morning, but I had to go buy a new ladder truck to give Benny for Christmas when my husband noticed my old one from college that we were going to give him had somehow gotten broken up in the attic.)

No art this week beyond the girls just drawing and coloring on their own. For music they each read the book about Bach from the Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composer's Series. We'll listen to the Classical Kids tape about Bach next week hopefully.

At long last Benny finally did another week of preschool. We reviewed the letters that we had previously worked on and added the letters Hh with the egg puzzles. We had a little more trouble with the frog number game. He had forgotten what some of the numbers looked like and then wasn't always putting them on the correct pad. I think part of the problem is that he really just didn't want to play the game so we'll do a new one next week and see if that helps. Benny's favorite moment of the week was when I let him make toast to go with our scrambled egg dinner. He also spent a lot of time making pretend campfires in the play area of the basement with the kindling wood that DH chopped up for me before leaving for the beach. He even cleaned up after himself when he finished playing without a complaint.

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